AMCO OTOPENI brand products are used in industrial activities, classified according NACE Revision 2.Main activities are:

  • metallurigical indutry NACE 24
  • production and supply of electricity and heat, gas, hot water and air conditioning NACE 35
  • special building works NACE 43

Other industrial activities served are classified in the NACE 20,22,23,25,27,28,33.

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Techniques for measuring temperature in the melting metal

Techniques for prelevation probe in the melting metal

Techniques for carbon determination in cast irons

Detection,signaling and accumulation control of dangerous gases:natural gas(pipe-line pas),LGP,carbon monoxide-CO,carbon dioxide-CO2

Gaz protection systems in case of earthquake

Techniques for monitoring the level of liquids

Techniques for pressure monitoring in corrosive fluids

Techniques for monitoring the temperature in industry

Special equipments:speed monitoring

Techniques for monitoring fluid flow

Precious metal Platinum,Rhodium,Palladium recovery and refinary

Precious metal Gold,Silver recovery and refinary

Precious metal catalysts

Precious metal PGM laboratory equipment